Small & Medium Power Transformers

The Power of Convenience

Where possible, PTI ships transformers fully assembled to eliminate the need for on site transformer erection and oil processing. Units can be configured with High Voltage and Low Voltage cable termination boxes with top, bottom or side entry locations. Terminations can also be designed to accommodate dimensional constraints and other replacement or retrofit situations. Mineral oil and other cooling fluids are available to meet necessary flame retardant or environmental specifications. All PTI transformers receive a high-gloss powder-paint finish.

The Power of Choice

PTI transformers can be used to supply a variety of loads:

  • VFD – Variable Frequency Drives
  • Wind Power and Co- generation projects
  • Skid Mounted Substations
  • Station Services
  • Zig-Zag applications
  • Grounding applications

PTI transformers use shell (rectangular coils) or core (circular coils) type construction, and are available in sizes ranging up to 40MVA at 650kV BIL top rating. Features such as on load tapchangers, on-off and/ or dual voltage switches, and tank-mounted neutral grounding resistors can also be provided.

The Power of Safety

PTI transformers use hinged doors on the main control box and all cable termination compartments. The 3-point latches and padlockable operating handle provide safe and easy access in all weather conditions when performing maintenance or infrared scanning. The need to remove and reinstall bolts, nuts and washers is eliminated.

To avoid shutdowns, cable termination compartments can be fitted with a grounded expanded metal screen inside the cable box door, secured with a padlock or other safety interlocking device.

Main control box doors are equipped with safety glass windows. Gauges, indicating instruments and control components can be viewed from ground level to ensure employee safety. The gauges and instruments have additional protection from weather and transport damage.

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